Martyr Ismail Mohammadzadeh Behmadi

Father’s name: Hassan

Date of birth: April 30, 1956

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: July 31, 1980

Place of martyrdom: Sanandaj

Burial place: Ferdows

Deploying unit: Army – Second Stable

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Ismail Mohammadzadeh Behmadi

Martyr Ismail Mohammadzadeh was born in 1335 in Ferdows city. He spent his childhood in this city and in 1342 he started to go to school to study. It was noticed by the teachers and parents of the school. During the earthquake of 1347, when the schools were closed, Ismail worked in agriculture to help his father. After the situation arose, he went to school and continued his education until the third grade of high school in the old system. In those days, in addition to studying, he worked on Fridays and summers to help with household expenses, but because he could not afford it due to his family’s financial situation, he dropped out of high school and went to Tehran and joined the army. Spending six months of his service in Tehran, he moved to Isfahan and at the same time married a girl from a close relative. Ismail, who believed in the Islamic Revolution and its leadership, became one of the committed and revolutionary forces. For example, once on a mission given to him by the army to disperse the right-wing demonstrations of the people, he was arrested for disobeying this mission and sentenced to prison and fined. But he did not let the towers and fortifications of the oppressive imperial regime collapse with the anger of the Islamic Ummah and the revolution won. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Ismail served in Isfahan for a while in 1979 and transferred to Quchan from there. In Quchan, he was assigned a mission to go to Kurdistan. Ismail accepted this mission wholeheartedly. Ehsanesh was so ingrained in the heart of the army and rank that everyone thought of him as his brother. And it was on this mission that as a result of the conflict with the counter-revolution in the holy month of Ramadan, his pure soul was separated from this cage of earth and began to fly in the kingdom. Yes, Ismail Alivar was martyred by American mercenaries, and what is his fear of martyrdom? Who had accepted it with open arms. When each of our warriors embraces the bullets of their heads like sweet souls and breaks their fast with the language of fasting? What fear will we have of his thoughts? Isn’t it time for the enemy آید to come to his senses and think a little to find out how close the morning of victory is for us ??


Ismail Mohammadzadeh Behmadi
Ismail Mohammadzadeh Behmadi

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